Our goal is BALANCE, an individual  approach and kindness 

  Where to find us  

Dobřichovice, Lomená 158, 252 29. Villa with a garden in the center of Dobřichovice.


The classes are mixed aged which facilitates cooperation, prevents bullying and enables creation of natural relationships in a child's environment. We are planning to have 4 classrooms that will cover all nine years of compulsory education. Every class has a maximum of 16 to 18 children, along with 1-2 guides (teachers).

We are accommodating the children’s pace, abilities to concentrate, fatigue, excitement and interest to work.

Our lessons start at 8.30 am and we are not teaching in the classic teaching block of 45 minutes. We are accommodating the rhythm and concentration of the children. Lunch is served as part of the whole session. We are supplying fresh ingredients and follow a healthy lifestyle. We are supporting local and certified food suppliers.

Smaller children are not graded or evaluated. We start with a self-evaluation and verbal evaluation from the third grade up. Lessons are taught in blocs through storytelling and experience. We are trying to incorporate interdisciplinary education - i.e. if we are teaching about the "human body" we teach how to read (Czech language), count, measure, compare (mathematics), we are learning about body parts and organs (sciences), we are drawing the human body (arts), we use it for singing (music), to work out (physical education) and also to teach English.

One of the most important parts of our education is activities in nature and project education based on the riches of the local environment.

The classroom is supervised by the head teacher Mgr. Martina Sobíšková. Assistants in the classroom are Ing. Lucie Zuda and Mgr. Hana Frydrichová.
The world of music is introduced by Mgr. Štěpánka Trojská Čížková. Zdenka Grossmannová leads the sports and outdoor activities and Jeff Sable teach English. Our team is supported by Bc. Marek Šálek, who leads the photography classes and sport activities.

We are planning to open higher classes in subsequent years until we will have all 4 classrooms filled with children aged from 6 to 15 years old.

The code of conduct can be found here.

  How much will it cost?  

Tuition options per student for school year 2017 / 2018:
1.    All day stay from  7:30 - 17:30 in school + after school club with an interesting and outdoor feel. Tuition fee 85.000 CZK/year.
2.    All day stay from  8:30 - 14:00 in school. Tuition fee 72.000 CZK / year.
3.    Only after school club without lessons. Contribution fee 25.000 CZK / year.
The tuition does not include special activities such as trips, excursions, clubs and lunch made from fresh ingredients from local food suppliers.

According to individual needs, the tuition and contribution for after school club can be divided into more payment installments.

Sibling discounts are also possible. The discount could be 15% of yearly tuition fee for each sibling.
Contribution fee for after school club is without discount.

Applications for sibling discounts can be send to info@skolakairos.cz.

  After school Activities   

We are not only offering morning lessons for children but we also have an interesting afternoon program which is closely tied to the current lesson plan and topics.
We offer the following activities:
•    Outdoors after school club.
•    Sport activities.
•    Excursions to the surrounding countryside.
•    Theater and art exhibitions.
•    Half-day / multiple day expeditions in nature.
We will manage the pick-up of children at school and accompaniment for afterschool clubs in Dobřichovice villa.

  School Partners  

We are closely cooperating with the following partners:
•    Czech-English Montessori, private kindergarten Zvoneček, Karlík - http://www.montessoriskolka.cz/
•    A center, your guide through pregnancy and parenthood - http://www.acentrum.eu
•    Dobřichovice villa, Center for leisure activities - http://www.dobrichovickydomek.cz
•    Jiří Kylar - our support in printing marketing material

  Statutory Authorities and Legal status  

Legal status: Škola Kairos, z. ú., VAT: 044 35 117
Transparent account: 2672919/5500
In September 2015 we have filed for  registration in the School Register of the Ministry of Education.
Statutory authority: Mgr. Hana Frydrichová, Headmistress
Board of directors:
•    Ing. Šárka Frelichová, chairman of the board of directors
•    Bc. Lenka Timko
•    Bc. Radka Cirhanová

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ZŠ Kairos, z. ú.
Lomená 158,
Dobřichovice 252 29


Email: info@skolakairos.cz

ředitelka: Mgr. Petra Jirků

Tel.: +420 602 148 081

Bankovní účet: 2672900/5500

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IČ: 04435117

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