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Introducing our team Kairos


Our team consists of carefully selected amazing personalities, who will pass their wisdom, academic knowledge and ethics to the children. We are continuously educating ourselves in order to be better each day.

 Hana Frydrichová 

Founder and headmistress of elementary school Kairos.

"I follow my intuition which leads me exactly to where I need to be."
We change "bad behavior" into "activity", "stubbornness" into "determination", "impudence" into "courage", "hyperactivity" into "natural movement" and "anger" into the ability to express emotions....
Contact: 777 312 352, hanka@skolakairos.cz


 Martina Sobíšková 

Head teacher, guide for 1st grade
"School is a place of discovery, understanding, using common sense, new talents, cooperation, respect. In other words it is a place for life."
Contact: 607940172, martina@skolakairos.cz

  Štěpánka Trojská Čížková  

Guide through the world of music


"My aim is to create suitable environment where everyone will be able to create music - to use their hidden abilities and wake up their creativity, to behold and experience their full potential."

"Children are Masters, teachers. They are like mirrors in which I see my immediate self and express of myself."

Contact: 724 295 275stepanka@skolakairos.cz 

 Jeff Sable  

Guide through english, art and yoga

Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and withoutit nothing great was ever achieved.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


"Kids don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

 Zdena Grossmannová 

Outdoor afterschool activity club, sport activities

 Radka Charapovová 

Guide through art

"I like the origonal system and experience of individual education. I'm happy of he art."

She is founder of Arteradky project.

 Marek Šálek 

Technical support and help with movement activities.
His responsibility is media administration (web, photography).
"I like to have a natural attitude towards children and to respect their personality. I believe that Elementary school Kairos is the answer to the coming of "new children."


Contact: 731 636 812marek@skolakairos.cz


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